Mouse Spot Farm-Factory Water Recirculation Aquaculture Treatment System

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Factory Water Recirculation Aquaculture Treatment System--Rat Spot Farms
      Mouse spot (Cromileptes altivelis) because of the long head and sharp mouth, the shape is like a mouse and named, body white, covered with black spots, body markings are especially obvious, colorful, slow action, with grabbing food, because of its tender meat, the taste is especially delicious, one of the famous fish for seafood, the price in the market is especially expensive, it is a high-level ornamental fish, and a high-class edible fish. It is a high-class ornamental fish and a high-class edible fish. The price in domestic and foreign markets (especially for live fish) is very high. The reason why the rat spot has a great potential for development is that it grows fast and can tolerate survival in waters with narrow space.
      Mouse spot farms seize the market demand, in the serious water pollution today, the development of inland marine fish farming, by the Guangzhou AVIC Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to provide factory recycled water aquaculture treatment system, to protect the safety of the aquaculture water and at the same time also improve the production efficiency, increase the customer's aquaculture safety and income.
The following is the actual scene of the farm workshop:


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