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Bangladesh is known as the "land of water" and the "the land of rivers and ponds". It is one of the countries with the most dense rivers in the world. There are more than 230 rivers and rivers in the country, about 500,000 to 600,000 ponds, an average of about 4 ponds per square kilometer. Aquaculture has unique advantages。

In recent years, tilapia, as the most common fish often appears on the table. Because of its delicious meat, high nutritional value and few fish bones, it is naturally loved by more and more people, and also derived a huge market for fish and shrimp。

As factory circulating aquaculture technology increasingly mature and environmental protection consciousness is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and more and more fish can be used for artificial breeding, promote the transformation of the traditional breeding, it is under the trend of the environment, factory circulating aquaculture is gradually developed, both for the dependence on the environment and operating costs are controllable, income also can obviously feel.

The customer of Bangladesh is to see the prospect of factory circulating aquaculture, so just contact us to investigate and ask related information, as neighboring Bangladesh, because the company has accumulated experience before, so for Bangladesh customers, the company has relatively successful case for reference, so the negotiation process is also very happy

After communicating with customers, the company customized a set of RAS100 recycling aquaculture system according to the needs of customers. After the order production, the company quickly put into production, strive to deliver the equipment to customers on time, and load the delivery immediately after the inspection before shipment. After the system equipment arrived at the site, the company personnel rushed to the site for installation and debugging, the system has been put into use and normal operation.

System parameters: the operating power of the system is 16.84KW, the standard configuration is 8 ponds, and the specification of the ponds is Ф 58001500. Conical bottom, convenient for sewage discharge. Each output for (grouper, for example) 20 to 26 tons, there are multiple intake and outlet, let aquaculture dirt in the fastest time, daily water is less than or equal to 10%, and such a big farming system, only need a personnel at the site management, the other all to equipment processing, so greatly reduce labor costs, also reduce the loss caused by artificial negligence.

Customer on-site group photo:

erecting bed 

Factory circulating aquaculture system is easy to operate, from the weather, less water consumption, the characteristics of the environment friendly, because it is an investment so energy saving, low cost is the key, automation and reduce error is the core of the system demand, can reduce the cost of choose and employ persons, and improve the quality of breeding varieties, traditional breeding output of aquatic products because not much added space, small profit, high risk, unable to meet the market changeable environment and the demand of high-end consumers, so will be gradually replaced.

equipment list:
Automatic microfilter machine, protein separator, ozone integrated machine, biological filter, compound type degassing sterilization processor, temperature control, dissolved oxygen cone, aquaculture fish pond.
If the abnormal water quality of the system is abnormal, the relevant person in charge will be notified through wechat alarm, which can realize automatic treatment of important aspects of aquaculture, such as water replenishment, sewage discharge, oxygen enhancement and water temperature control. Among them, the control of dissolved oxygen is very important for customers of high-density breeding, and automatic oxygen enhancement can reduce mistakes to a large extent

Today, customers can run the recycling aquaculture system steadily and the revenue are increasing. Solve the customer's water environment improvement work, increase the biological production and fish production of the water body.
Customers are now planning a large-scale breeding, to further expand the scale of breeding. We also hope that the system can bring more benefits to customers and move towards large-scale breeding. Thank you for your strong support and trust to zhonghang

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