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PE ultraviolet sterilizer

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This product is made of PE material
PE material ultraviolet sterilizer:

a. High efficiency: effectively kill algae, viruses and other harmful bacteria. The sterilization rate can reach 99%

b. High quality: imported lamp tube, service life up to 9000-12000 hours

c. Good stability: the equipment supports 24-hour continuous and stable operation.

d. High reliability: the utilization rate of ultraviolet radiation output is as high as 95%, the disinfection dose is sufficient, and the disinfection reliability is higher

e. Strong practicability: it can be used in many industries. The operation cost is very low, the operation and maintenance is simpler, the equipment volume is small, no noise.

The biggest feature: with observation port, you can view the working condition of UV lamp. Strong oxidation resistance, more corrosion resistant, more suitable for seawater, more anti-aging than PP material, thickened tube made.

Material: HDPE

Product parameters:

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