Congratulations to AVIC Guangzhou for obtaining the certificate of soft work of circulation control

2021-08-28 15:54Fisherman

Change the traditional breeding method, make breeding smarter, more convenient, reduce labor, reduce human error operation and other factors. Guangzhou CATIC independently researches and develops the intelligent control automatic circulating aquaculture control system.
Ten characteristics of PLC automatic control system:
1. Using a large 15-inch touch screen, integrated control of all equipment, easy to operate and view;
2. Using Siemens PLC module, the system operation is more stable and reliable;
3. There are three working modes: manual, stop and automatic;
4. Using ABB brand inverter, the flow can be adjusted according to the breeding stage, saving energy consumption;
5. With the function of automatic switching of water pump and fan to work in turn, the motor is more durable and the operation is more stable;
6. With power failure and operation failure alarm function, support historical alarm data query, system operation is safer, and system operation can be better understood;
7. Support extended sensor connection, real-time view of running water quality, and operation of equipment according to water quality.
8. The working hours of equipment can be customized, which is more humane;
9. Graphical operation interface, all parameters are clear at a glance, you can easily get started without professional knowledge;
10. The language can be customized to facilitate the use and operation of different personnel.