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With pre-filtered water pump - aquaculture special water pump

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ZH-PSTP series pumps:

It is suitable for liquid circulation and filtration of marine systems such as mariculture, hot spring bath, large and medium sized swimming pool, water treatment facilities, decorative pool and so on.

Pump Features:

1, the pump flow components using high-strength engineering plastics, coupled with high-quality wear-resistant mechanical seal;

2,80 base, with special plastic floor;

3, the use of low noise standard motor; single-phase motor installation of the United States TI thermal protection;

4, the motor using high temperature bearings, long operating life, reliable and durable;

5, water and shaft completely separate, safe and reliable;

6, optional pneumatic switch to ensure easy to use, safe;

7, F-class insulation; IPX5 protection class;

8, the whole pump through CE, TUV, SAA certification;

9, with pre-basket configuration;

Working conditions:

Medium temperature: 5-50 ° C

Ambient temperature: <40 ℃

Maximum working pressure: 0.3 MPa

Pump parameters: