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CO2 Degassing&UV Sterilizer Tower
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Product description:

★ CP series of composite degassing tower sterilization processor is Guangzhou Airlines Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.'s latest product, is the degassing tower and ultraviolet (UV) sterilization of the organic combination. That is to remove carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, and ultraviolet (UV) sterilization function;

★ composite degassing tower sterilization processor by the water device, degassing tower main components, fillers, aeration device, ultraviolet disinfection device, water tank composition;

★ can effectively remove dioxins and other harmful gases; improve water dissolved oxygen;

★ can quickly and effectively kill a variety of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms;

★ by photolysis, can effectively reduce the water chloride;

★ simple operation, easy maintenance, small footprint, large amount of water treatment;

★ pollution-free, environmentally friendly, will not produce toxic side effects;

★ low investment costs, low operating costs, equipment, easy to install;

★ designed for the production of recycled aquaculture system design

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