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Top-Mount Sand Filter

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Product Description:

The shell is made of fiber glass reinforced plastics, corrosion resistant, good abrasion resistance,deforming--proof. Uniquely designed distribution make a stable and even water flow to improve drainage system. Easy to install, maintain free. Outlet turbidity<2FTU.

Product Features:

1. The polyurethane protection layer with ultraviolet proof in the cylinder body.

2, the six direction valve of ergonomic design.

3. Excellent filtering ability.

4. Anti chemical corrosion.

5. Clear water mirrors for monitoring water filtration.

6. A pressure gauge that monitors the pressure of operation.

7. Only simple operation is needed when the back flushing function is needed to avoid additional maintenance costs.

8. The sand valve can be used to remove or replace sand in the sand cylinder.

Technical Parameter: