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Stainless steel UV sterilizer water disinfection equipment

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Guangzhou AVIC specializing in the production of a variety of stainless steel UV sterilizer, sterilization effect is significant, easy to install, aquaculture industry is the necessary equipment for water disinfection.

UV sterilization principle: the principle of ultraviolet sterilization sterilization is the use of ultraviolet photon energy destruction of water in a variety of viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic DNA structure. Mainly to break the various structural bonds in the DNA or photochemical polymerization occurs, for example, the DNA THYMINE dimerization, so that a variety of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens lose replication capacity, to achieve the effect of sterilization.

Features: Pipeline closed sterilizer is generally suitable for medium and small water treatment or the need to exert pressure and sterilizer can not be used in the open channel situation. A variety of systems in the external sealed quartz tube UV lamp can be vertical or parallel with the direction of the flow. Parallel system of hydraulic loss is small, even in the form of water, while the vertical system can make the water flow, improve the efficiency of disinfection.

Basic configuration:

1. Imported UV lamp

2. High transmittance quartz tube

3. Electronic ballast

4.304 / 316 stainless steel reactor

5. Electric control box

Product advantages:

• High efficiency: instantly kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses. In the equipment rated disinfection of water within the range, according to different water quality, sterilization rate of 99% - 99.999%.

• High quality: the use of the world's high-quality US or European special UV C lamp, lamp life of up to 9000 - 12000 hours. Good stability: equipment can be 24 hours continuous, stable operation.

• High reliability: Ultraviolet light tube with UV C (254nm) output utilization up to 95%, disinfection dose is sufficient, disinfection reliability is higher.

• Usability: used in drinking water, food processing water disinfection, do not change the shape of water and food, color, flavor, does not produce any disinfection by-products. Operating costs are very low, easier operation and maintenance, equipment, small size, no noise.

Product Usage

Applicable industries: The main application areas include municipal water supply, surface water (well water, river water, lake water, etc.), industrial water (electronics, medicine, food and beverage), pool water, landscape water, circulating cooling water, marine water, desalinated water supply Disinfection and so on.

Technical parameter

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