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Seawater Special Plastic Pumps ZH-PWTP Series - Aquaculture Specialty

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Guangzhou China Aviation Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. ZH-WP series of pumps introduced

First, the product features:

Water pump: is a SPA large pool supporting the use of two-speed pump --- single pump can achieve high-speed massage and low-speed over the cycle of the function of the product; pump design is a high-performance high-performance, low noise products, , The water diameter, suitable for SPA and swimming pool installation, the pump can rotate 90 ° to facilitate the installation of the pipeline, is recognized by the SPA manufacturers and accept the product; pump flow components for high-strength engineering plastics; the use of high-quality special mechanical seals, Can be a long time continuous operation is not leaking; SPA pool is a single pump to achieve massage and worry about the cycle of supporting the preferred product.

Motor, external cooling motor, suitable for the European market; high and low speed motor design, single, two-speed motor can choose, advanced motor winding design, high and low speed conversion sensitive, fast, reached the leading domestic industry level; And the installation of the foot is conjoined, the material for the high-quality aluminum alloy; machine low noise, vibration, long life, SPA and swimming pool supporting pump dedicated two-speed motor; F-class insulation, IPX5 waterproof level, continuous work; Built-in T1 overheating protection (single phase), to ensure the use of safe and convenient.


     1,3C China Compulsory Safety Certification

     2, CE EU compulsory safety certification

     3, TUV German safety certification

     4, RoHS electrical and electronic equipment to limit the use of certain hazardous substances directive certification

Second, the product use:

     1. Can be used for hydromassage bath, SPA outdoor pool single pump to achieve massage and worry cycle, swimming pool circulation filtration system

     2. Can be used to transport non-corrosive weak corrosive (weak acid, weak base) liquid, such as large flow washing ore (single speed pump), water medium temperature + 5-60 ℃.

     3. Can be used for plant cooling water curtain unit equipment water cycle supporting (single-speed pump)

Third, the application examples:

     1. SPA outdoor large pool: WP200, WP250, WP300.

     2. 25 (m3 / h) Integrated swimming pool filter: WP200

     3. Pool countercurrent nozzle: WP400

Fourth, the selection notes:

    1. The number of nozzles installed per pump, single-speed motor suffix-Ⅰ, two-speed motor suffix-Ⅱ.

    2. The voltage and frequency of the product use area (220-240V / 50Hz, 220-240V / 60Hz ... can be selected).

    3. Safety requirements for product use areas

    4. Pump inlet and outlet fittings size requirements (60.5mm, 63mm, 75mm ... optional).

    5. Power cable length Plug type (no plug, AMP ... optional)