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Rectangle Pure Oxygen Diffuser

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The ultra-microporous pure oxygen aeration disc has the characteristics of simple and quick connection, firm structure and beautiful appearance. The most important thing is that the aperture is 1-2 micrometers, and the diameter of the mist-like bubbles escaping in water is only 0.1-0.5mm, which is much smaller than domestic. The diameter of the bubble that escapes from the same product. This remarkable point makes the oxygen-dissolving efficiency of the pure oxygen aeration disc 1.6-2.8 times that of the ordinary aeration disc, which can save 40%-60% of oxygen for the customer. In addition, since the aeration disc only needs to be connected to a high-pressure output oxygen source, it does not need electric drive, and is suitable for use in places where stable power supply cannot be provided, and live fish transportation. Pure oxygen aeration disc is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easy to block. The elaborate FRP components are environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant and UV resistant, and have a long service life.

Application direction:

1. Aquaculture industry: factory recirculating aquaculture, factory semi-circulating aquaculture, water aquaculture, pond culture, cage culture, nursery room, holding pond, aquarium ornamental breeding, increasing breeding density, reducing breeding costs, power cut It is an emergency backup.

2. Live fish transportation: increase the density of live fish transport, reduce mortality and reduce transportation costs.

3, live fish processing: carbon dioxide anesthesia, reduce the stress response of live fish in the storage tank.

4. Wastewater and sewage treatment: high-efficiency aeration, supplementation of oxygen, and use of carbon dioxide to control pH. All water treatment applications.

Technical Parameters:

LengthWidthWeightAeration area