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Portable Salinity Meter

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Product Description:

The portable salinmeter is used for the convenience and rapid determination of the weight percentage concentration or refractive index in salt (sodium chloride) solution. It is widely used in salt, food, beverage and other industrial sectors, as well as in agricultural production and scientific research.

Working principle:

The handheld salinimeter mainly uses light to enter another medium from one medium, it will produce refraction, and the handheld salinities. And the ratio of incident angle to sine is constant. This ratio is called refractive index. The refractive index of salt solution can be determined by using the proportion of soluble substance in salt solution and refractive index in normal environment, so the salinity concentration of salt solution can be calculated.

Application places:

The saltmeter can quickly read the salt concentration or the specific gravity of the sea water. It is widely used in marine, fishing ground, aquaculture, sea water, sea water or artificial sea water used by aquariums, and the control of the concentration of saltwater used in fish.