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WQO series of online multi - parameter water quality monitoring instrument

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WQO series of online multi-parameter water quality monitor is the Guangzhou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. in the production of online electrochemical analyzer, one for the highly intelligent online continuous monitoring instrument. Mixed with dissolved oxygen, ph electrode, ammonia, salinity, ORP, suitable for aquaculture, environmental protection and other industries liquid ammonia, salinity content, oxygen content, ph value, ORP special equipment.

Electrode with fast response, stable, reliable, low cost of use, suitable for continuous monitoring online. Coupled with the series of instruments with the full Chinese display, diversified mode of operation and other characteristics, so that it is "practical, convenient, functional and perfect" and other advantages in similar products in the unique, widely used.

The appearance of the instrument

The appearance and components of the instrument are shown below.

WQO series of monitors by the instrument host, composite dissolved oxygen electrode, ph electrode, salinity electrode or ammonia nitrogen, ORP electrode composition. The electrode system uses the measurement of sensitive dissolved oxygen composite electrode, ph electrode and salinity electrode automatic temperature compensation, reliable measurement, accurate data.

main feature

All Chinese display, easy to operate: the use of high-resolution LCD module, all data, status and operating tips are Chinese display, there is no manufacturer's own definition of symbols or code.

Multi-parameter simultaneous display: on the same screen can also display the oxygen concentration value, ph, ammonia nitrogen, temperature and state. Display with 128 × 64 dot matrix LCD, with eye-catching, visual distance and so on.

The main function

Backlight function: can be used in the dim or completely lightless environment, the brightness of the backlight can be adjusted by software, so that the display is always clear.

Signal output mode: 4 ~ 20mA.

Technical indicators

Display: 7 Inch Touch Screen, Chinese display;

Measuring range: dissolved oxygen 0-20.00 mg / L, salinity 0-50 ‰, ph 0-14

Temperature 0-50 degrees Celsius, ammonia nitrogen 0-1000mg / l, ORP -1000- + 1000mV

Measurement accuracy: DO ± 1.0% F.S; salinity as sea water components and calibration interval 5%

Resolution: dissolved oxygen 0.01 mg / L (0-20.00) mg / L; salinity 0.1 ‰; ph 0.1

Stability: ≤1%;

Response time: T90 <5min (25 ℃), general <60s;

Temperature sensor: pt100;

Temperature range: (0.0-99.9) ℃;

Temperature range: (0.1-60.0) ℃;

Water temperature: (5-60) ℃;

Ambient temperature: (5-45) ℃;

Ambient humidity: ≤90% RH;

Input power supply:12V/2A

Power: <3W;

Dimensions: 240 mm × 200 mm × 108 mm;

Weight: 1 kg;

Alarm signal: 1 way

Control signal: 1 dry contact switch output

Protection class: IP65;

Instrument installation: wall-mounted, rack-mounted

Electrode installation: flow / sink / flange / pipe type;