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PP plastic nursery fish pond

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Plastic fish pond product introduction

Guangzhou Zhonghang ZH-FPD series of plastic fish pond is our company specifically for the factory of circulating water aquaculture processing system, incubation nursery, broodstock, shrimp culture and design of a non-toxic, long life, smooth surface, corrosion resistance, Anti-leakage, high strength of the special pond, the fish pool easy to use, inlet and outlet connection operation tube single, and can be used according to different requirements of the design and modification.

Plastic fish pond product function and characteristic

The use of polymer engineering plastics materials, environmental non-toxic, smooth surface, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high strength, long service life。

Fish pond do not paint, do not bubble pool, easy to clean, like where again the second hole will do, and can immediately use.

Fish pond inlet and outlet connection is convenient, easy to operate the cartridge, easy to install。

The pond at the bottom of the pond is designed to facilitate the collection and discharge of swirling water.

Plastic fish pond product range

(1) Industrialized circulating aquaculture workshop fish pond;

(2)Hatching nursery farming pond;

(3)To develop, hold the workshop and other fish pond;

Technical parameter