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Product works:

(1) The main use of nano-molecular sieve technology. The molecular sieve with countless ultra-micropores has a strong ability to adsorb, and the oxygen adsorption capacity of N, O under different pressure is adopted. The principle of advanced physical adsorption separation is used in the world. technology.

(2) Air has 21% oxygen. PSA separation oxygen principle is from the air with a physical method from the air to extract high concentrations of oxygen.

(3) PSA separation of oxygen is a physical method, so the prepared oxygen will not be doped with other harmful substances, the quality of oxygen depends on the quality of air, better than the quality of air.

(4) The main parameters of oxygen machine is: power consumption and oxygen production, oxygen production is usually the output of oxygen flow and concentration to reflect. In addition, the important parameters of oxygen machine also includes: oxygen machine work pressure, oxygen output pressure.


(1) Medical institutions and families for oxygen therapy and health care.

(2) Industrial oxygen.

(3) Ozone equipment package.


(1) Simple economy.

(2) Through the different number of standardized oxygen unit combination, the formation of a ring of oxygen series of products, so that the series of oxygen production products from 1L / MIN-160L / MIN, or even higher, the concentration: 85% -93%

(3) Each unit can work independently, according to the needs of different production, free control of different oxygen unit combination. This is suitable for both the standardization of manufacturing products, while maintaining the maintenance of the product more convenient.

(4) Patented product, reasonable structure, easy control, stable oxygen output!

Product parameters