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Efficient biological filter | biological filter box

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The biological filter (biochemical filter box) Introduction:

Biochemical filter is based on the characteristics of aquaculture and aquarium design and manufacturing, and its sophisticated combination of internal space, the use of scientific formula made of high specific surface area of the special biochemical filter, but also the effectiveness of biochemical filtration system. Reasonable and uniform flow of water without bubbles on the water of harmful substances or water-soluble Ammonia and nitrite, can be effectively excluded and rapid degradation. And protein separator, ozone sterilizer in combination, it is the perfect combination, can make the effect of biochemical filtration to the top.

The biological filter (biochemical filter box) Features:

(1) combined with German technology, the combination of sophisticated internal spacing;

(2) the use of non-toxic anti-corrosion material, durable;

(3) with a sewage valve, equipment, simple operation, easy maintenance;

(4) the choice of special biochemical filter, biochemical effect is significant; at the same time with efficient sterilization lamp, deodorant,Sterilization, biochemical filtration at the same time.

The biological filter (biochemical filter box) Uses:

Aquaculture farms, domestic aquarium, aquarium, outdoor landscape pond, seafood and other temporary pool.

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