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Dissolved Oxygen Cone High Efficiency Dissolved Oxygen Equipment Aquaculture Improves Dissolved Oxyg

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Product Description

As we all know, aquaculture oxygen is the most important point, if there is no control, then it is likely to cause a large area of fish because of hypoxia died, well control can increase the breeding density. There are many ways to increase the oxygen, and now we introduce the most efficient one, the utilization of oxygen up to 98% or more, you can quickly increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the short term, but also the oxygen dissolved in water, Come out are high oxygen water. This equipment is called dissolved oxygen cone, is designed by the Guangzhou Aerospace, combined with the use of the farm and the use of a number of oxygen equipment.

Dissolved oxygen cone characteristics:

(1) a high degree of dissolved oxygen, a short time to improve dissolved oxygen;

(2) the use of fully sealed design to reduce the waste of oxygen, so that oxygen maximized dissolved in water;

(3) with a transparent observation mouth, you can always observe the inside of the dissolved oxygen situation;

(4) the use of environmentally friendly FRP material, pressure, corrosion resistance, can extend the service life;

Technical parameter