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Disc-Type Diaphragm Diffuser

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Product introduction:

Disc diaphragm aeration disc consists of rubber diaphragm, several air guide slots, chassis support and screw gland. The product is made of imported rubber material and the diaphragm is mounted on the chassis bracket. The chassis support is the supporting body of the diaphragm and is arched. The upper part of the chassis is arranged with eight air guide slots distributed around the center to ensure that the air is evenly divided. The screw gland is screwed to the bottom of the chassis and is screwed to the base of the chassis, and the diaphragm is fixed to the chassis support. The chassis support and screw gland are made of plastic injection of high quality ABS engineering.

Product features:

1. Good sealing, anti-tearing, long life and anti-surface adhesion.

2. There are several air channels on the surface of the inner liner, which can ensure that the aeration rate of the aerator is up to 100%, and greatly reduces the ventilation resistance when the aerator is started.

3. The diaphragm and liner chassis and the fastening ring shall be fitted with thread locking mechanism to ensure that the diaphragm will never fall off.

4. Effectively solved the phenomenon of reverse pouring of aerated disk.

5. High utilization of oxygen and small resistance.