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Bio-Ball with Cotton

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Product description:

Bio-Ball is an emerging biochemical filter material with complex concave texture on its surface. When the drop of water passes through the surface of the bio-ball, the droplets change direction along the concave path, entering the next groove and changing direction again. As a result, the flow of water droplets through the biosphere is greatly lengthened, increasing the time of nitrifying bacteria. The added surface area of biogenic cotton increased the nitrifying bacteria more than the normal bio-ball.

Product features:

1. This product is a food grade plastic material, environmental protection has no side effect, freshwater seawater is applicable, it will not affect water quality.

2. Maintenance free. It has self-cleaning ability, does not need to change, also does not need to clean.

3. Stable performance. It has a smooth surface and is not easy to attach to bacteria, but it is beneficial to the old and new replacement of biofilm, and the survival time of nitrifying bacteria is long.