Product introduction:

The air stone is commonly known as the loose stone (sand head) and aerator. Airstone, using high quality white corundum, brown corundum, through sintering at high temperature (1300 degrees Celsius), strong and durable, good dispersion, strong filter.

Product category:

Brown fused alumina bubble stone, white fused alumina bubble, silicon carbide bubble stone, stone, resin sand bubbles bubbles stone, stone, wooden bubbles, such as plastic bubbles bubbles stone in different materials, production process is also different. For example, the resin bubble stone USES adhesion method, paste and become, the life is shorter than the fire, the price is low. The ore bubble stone is made of glue, compared with white corundum, silicon carbide, slightly less. Plastic bubble stone, therefore, made using plastic, light and easy, can be bent into any shape, made of bubbles in the water with different elegant demeanor, but its body weight too light itself does not sink. Wooden bubble stone, easy to absorb the moisture in the water, wood short-term bubble in water to prevent decay, but to soak in water for a long time, due to wood absorbs the moisture in the water, so as to make the wood expansion, to start at the bottom of rotten slowly, and then a little a bit heavy, bit by bit, its service life also lost white fused alumina, brown fused alumina bubble stone.

Product use:

1. Aerated oxygenation and stirring in sewage treatment plant to prevent sediment deposition of large particles and remove some organic matter.

2. Aquaculture (aquaculture farms) increase oxygen to the nutritive water body in the environment, and the oxygen enrichment of biological culture.

3. Live fish and seafood transport oxygen.

4. Aquarium (purifier) purification, filtration and water quality ozone sterilization and oxygen enrichment.

5. Other process USES for diffusion of air.