Principle of product oxygenation.

Using high pressure blower air into the pipeline, pipeline will send detail air pipe, microporous tube spread air in the form of micro bubbles into the water, tiny air bubbles from the bottom to the buoyancy, the bubbles in the gas under the action of high oxygen partial pressure, oxygen fully dissolve in the water, can also cause the rotation of the flow and flow from top to bottom, water flow up or down to bring to the underlying upper oxygen-rich water, at the same time around the rotation of the water will flow microporous tube oxygen-rich water spread outward, realize the water evenly add oxygen.

Product aeration characteristics.

First, there is no interference. Underwater micro porous diffuser tracheal micro bubble rising process is slow, small hole in the wall of tortuous channel is the air permeability tube, slow small resistance, perforation, basic there was no sound in the water the water, the fish and shrimp and a crab not interfere with the normal activity.

Second, the effect of oxygen enrichment is good. Microporous tube microbubbles add oxygen, and microbubbles can rapidly increase oxygen content in water, so it is efficient and effective. Especially for high density aquaculture in rainy and rainy days, the use of microporous oxygenation can immediately solve the phenomenon of hypoxic floating head of the fish group, which is difficult to reach the surface impeller.

Third, energy consumption is low. Due to increases oxygen using microporous aeration device, high oxygen transfer efficiency, make the unit water dissolved oxygen quickly reached 4.5 mg/l, the energy consumption is less than 1/4 of increasing oxygen, water wheel, or impeller can greatly save the electricity costs of farmers.