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Product introduction

Amd hole made by a new type of micro molecular materials increases oxygen aeration pipe, atomization effect among all kinds of exposure trachea, its working principle is: through the air compression pump pressure, uniform light tracheal expansion and reach the design value and a large number of tiny air bubbles (diameter: 20 ~ 30 um) from the wall, smoke floating in the water, rising extremely slowly, dissolved oxygen, which significantly improve the oxygen content in the water, increase liquidity in the water, raise the breeding density.

Product features

1. high efficiency and energy saving: because the plica nano hose on the tube wall has bending S type microporous ultra micro hole, aeration and water contact area is large, the bubble rise velocity is low, contact time is long, can quickly increase the oxygen content in the water, improve water quality, and accelerate the growth of aquatic products, can improve the stocking density of aquatic products, achieve the goal of high yield, micro porous diffuser tracheal stem performance is good, the sludge will not reverse osmosis exposure within the trachea.

2. activated water: increases oxygen microporous aeration device can get oxygen oxygen to make water lower full complement, filling the air evenly spread to each aquifer, water makes the underlying oxygen consumption under anaerobic conditions factors produce toxic or harmful gases to accelerate the diffusion into the air, like water into ten thousand slowly river, makes water into fresh water.

3. purifying function: the underlying sedimentary silt and water waste such as refractory organic matter will consume a large amount of oxygen, causing serious water bottom oxygen, other aerobic device can only solve the surface oxygen, and my company production of microporous aeration device increases oxygen is underwater and enough oxygen makes the water self-purification ability to ascend.

4. Safe and environment-friendly: the microporous nano-oxygen enrichment equipment is installed on the shore, with good safety performance, no pollution, no leakage in water, and plastic parts into the water body.

5. Cost reduction: this product does not need to be equipped with a supporting pipeline equipment, which can reduce the project cost, easy to install, resist high temperature, do not harden, and use long service life.