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The product advantages

(1) 2 plastic bag filter 100% non-metallic original, with strong corrosion resistance, suitable for long-term strong corrosive liquid filtration operations.

(2) made of modified polypropylene material, effectively enhance the temperature, and to strengthen the hardness and strength of the filter, so that greatly enhance the pressure level.

(3) 2 plastic bag filter allows you to have extra benefits without spending a penny. Such as the bottom and double-opening design, so you choose to install the pipe on one side, for you to save costs.

(4) simple handle design, allowing you to easily open the cover, screw cap design so that it can open and close the filter without any tools, replace the filter bag faster and improve your productivity.

(5) sealed design: tube seal structure with the use of the company's exclusive SDS seal ring and designed to ensure that 100% without leakage.

Second, the technical parameters

(1) import and export spacing: 893mm

(2) import and export orientation: side into the side out (the same direction). Side of the side out (in the opposite direction)

(3) filter tube diameter: 200 mm

(4) filter blue length: 715mm

(5) filter blue diameter: 181.5 mm

(6) import and export: DN50 (2 inches)

(7) filter area: 0.5 square meters

(8) flow: 20t / h

(9) working pressure (MAX): 0.8-1.0Mpa

(10) the filter volume: 32L

(11) Material: PP modified materials

(12) the filter weight: 28kg


Technical parameter

Model NoSizeFlowratePrecisionInletOutletPressureWeightFiltration area