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Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is specializing in Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), Aquarium and Raw Water Treatment System. We have developed into an integrated water treatment company which combined R&D, manufacture, installation, maintenance and sales together. And we have a group of capable technical personnel in the field of mechanical, electrical, automatic control, water treatment technology, water quality monitoring, and aquaculture technology and so on. At present,the company has obtained 6patents,2 high-tech certifications, 3 trademarks, 5 CEs, and "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" and"Quality Management System Certificate"

Our advantage


         Strong Technology

            Mature technical team,stable

            Aftersales servie Channel,

            real-timehelp Customer Solves

            Emergency Problems                                                   


         Team Major

            Independent deslgn,R&D,


            and maintenance of one

            stop service


          Service Efficency

              Humanization of China A

              viation Equipment Products

              Easy to operate,dedica ted

              online,offline guidance




             AVIC‘s production equipment

             sells well at home and abroad

             Enriching cases for customers

             Tailor-mae feasibility sche me


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